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Woman Shot to Death in Road Rage Incident

On Sunday night, October 16, a woman was fatally shot to death in a road rage incident.

According to authorities, Whitney Gray, aged 22 went shopping at a grocery store at 23rd Street and Sterling Avenue and then drove north out of the parking lot being followed by an minivan at high speed. The SUV continued to drive very closely to her and then the two stopped side by side at a traffic signal at Winner Road.

Then according to witnesses a drink was thrown from the minivan window onto the SUV followed by a loud pop. Both vehicles then traveled north on Sterling and the minivan eventually stopped in the 1600 block of Sterling Avenue as the SUV continued north. When police arrived they found Gray had been shot in the chest and she died at the scene, while her 3 passengers, a 16 year old girl, 3 year old boy and 16 month old boy were uninjured.

Following investigations, the police arrested 39 year old Christopher P. Taylor of Independence and he was charged with second degree murder

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