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Woman Lost Control of Car and Seriously Injured

On Wednesday, April 27 there was chaos when a woman lost control of her car and hit a power pole.

According to witnesses the accident happened near 92nd and Askew and the woman was driving exceedingly fast, at more than 80 mph. She hit a power pole and her car flew into the air and hit a tree. The woman was suspended in her car in the tree and neighbors rushed to help her. One was a nurse who made sure that her neck was stabilized so that there was no more trauma in case of head injury.

Kansas City Power and Light crews showed up to cut power before the car could be towed. The woman was taken to hospital in critical condition but was alert when transferred.

Police do not know what caused the woman to be driving at such a high rate of speed but witnesses say a man believed to be her boyfriend showed up and started yelling at her right after the crash. They say he shouted obscenities at her and had to be corralled by others so the victim could be kept calm.

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