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What to do When You Have a Crash in Missouri

When you have been in a crash in Kansas City there are several things you have to do according to Missouri Laws.

You must never leave the scene of an accident as it is a criminal act in Missouri and if someone was badly hurt it may be a felony. You should call 911 for assistance and warn other road users by using flares or a warning triangle and put the car’s hazard lights on if possible.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) says if your car is moveable you should “Steer it and clear it” which is also the law throughout the state.

Once the scene is organized you should exchange all of the information necessary with other drivers, passengers and any witnesses and it is helpful to use a special Motorist Information Exchange Card, which is issued by MoDOT.

Never admit liability as that is for the insurance companies to sort out and try to be polite to all involved.

Remember Missouri Law says you must inform the police immediately if anyone is hurt or if the damage to property is more than $500. If for any reason the police cannot attend then you must write your own report and submit it to the Traffic Investigation Department within five days. In addition in Missouri, if one of the drivers was uninsured and the accident caused more than $500 of damage you must report the uninsured driver within 30 days to the Department of Revenue.

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